“When everything constantly needs approval, you create a culture of nonthinkers.”

― Jason Fried, Rework

Who am I ?

I am a passionate tech activist with over 17 years of software engineering experience (see my LinkedIn profile for a more corporate resume).

I’m actively involved in French non-profit collectives and Tech communities.

In 2012, I co-founded Ninja Squad, which is well-known in France for its core values : support open source, cooperative management, voluntary development (the last one is for a migrant health center), our technical books about Angular are sold under a “Pay what you want” mode supporting non-profit organizations like Electronic Frontier Foundation.


In September 2018, I moved with my family abroad (such an important and large chunk of my life!). I joined Fairphone, in Amsterdam, as the head of IT. Fairphone is a social enterprise driving change in the electronics industry from the inside out. Its business model is based on social values and securing continuity and centers around producing and marketing smartphones in a way that puts social and environmental values first.


I like knowledge sharing too: beside my courses on Computer Sciences and Agile methodologies, I talk about technical or non-technical topics at several IT events (Devoxx France, JFokus, several Meetups, …).

Agnes speaker

Want to chat?

Feel free to send me a email at [my first name].[my surname]@protonmail.com (Yes, I use protonmail that protects privacy and with built-in end-to-end encryption)